A project log for MIOS

A cloud-based approach to rodent research

Lex KravitzLex Kravitz 04/17/2018 at 23:270 Comments

We developed MÍOS with the broad goal of addressing research reproducibility in research endeavors.  Our approach was to leverage low-cost sensors and microcontrollers to drastically lower the barriers to collecting large scale data from rodent home cages.  

What is reproducibility?  Often, researchers in one location perform a study and publish it.  Over subsequent months or years, other researchers attempt to replicate the study, and unfortunately are often not successful.  Scientific disagreements are not a new phenomenon, in fact they are the basis for most scientific progress.  That said, we believe that cloud-based technologies can be used to: 

  1. Generate strongly powered data sets
  2. Allowing for more rapid understanding of trends in that data 
  3. Saving both time and money

We believe that cloud based systems contain several unique advantages for research data collection.  MÍOS is an experimental concept for enabling cloud-based research studies on colony-housed rodents.