The Good Enough Helix Winder

A project log for DNA Lamp

Stupidly tiny DNA shaped led lamp.

ftreganftregan 06/01/2014 at 11:440 Comments

Lots of tutorials/videos on the internet show you how to roll your own springs. Though the produced spring are useful, in the DNA Lamp the two helix will be intertwined we need them really regular. If one turn is 0.2mm longer than expected, when the corresponding turn on the other helix is 0.3mm shorter, the 0.5mm corresponding misalignment will give a "not so cool" feeling.

After some tries (read: fails), I manage to make a cheap, easy to build, manual helix winder that gives good enough results. I named it Good Enough Helix Winder, but don't know how to pronounce GEHW.