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A project log for DNA Lamp

Stupidly tiny DNA shaped led lamp.

ftreganftregan 06/20/2014 at 19:000 Comments

After this project has been featured on, its now on the first line on !! I'am really glad that HaD team likes all the time i spent documenting this project.

I am currently in Moroco for a friend's wedding, but will update the project soon. I found the perfect easy and cheap solution to solder the smds, and am now trying to find the perfect way to solder them on the 1.5mm copper wire that dissipate all the heat from my soldering iron, then there will be no more rechniczl dificulties and I will probably finish the documentation in the next two weeks !

THanks to the people who like and follow the dna lamp project, it really makes it a bit more magical than it already was.


ps : i lost my netbook psy and try to use an ipad to write this post.... Sorry for typos.