Lego server

An old, side project which aim is to provide me with a proper server capable of replacing most of the web services I use.Tin foil applicable

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It's a classic hobby project - get two things men likes the most - lego and computer, and hack it together. So the parts list includes:
* a single board computer - Odroid C1+
* micro sd card
* 4x 750 GB mechanical, 2.5 inch drives for capacity and redundancy
* 1x 40 GB ssd (just because i have a spare one)
* 5x usb->sata bridge
* 1x usb otg adapter
* 1x 5A, 5V power adapter
* a fan
* few wires
* a lot of lego
* 1x handsome engineer

The target is to set up a server that:
* has low energy consumption
* provide me redundant storage (preferably by using rsync instead of raid)
* provide me with a real time backup of my pc data like dropbox
* allows sync of contacts and calendar with my phone
* allows easy file sharing via public links
* backs up mail and expose it via web email client
* git support
* can make me a sandwich (without sudo)

Currently looks like the main solution.
Infinity out.
  • 1 × odroid c1+
  • 1 × microsd card
  • 5 × hdd Connectors and Accessories / Board-to-Board and Card Edge Connectors
  • 5 × usb sata adapter
  • 1 × 5v,5A power adapter

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