C.H.I.P. HDBaseT Adapter

UHD A/V, 100Mbps + PoE, RS-232, IR & USB via one RJ45 plug.

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HDBaseT is the new kid on the block. Its primary use case is HD video distribution over longer distances -- but may soon be the standard connector between set-top box & TV (the TV could power the set-top box via the Cat5e/6 cable or vice versa).
HDBaseT leverages HDMI & other common hardware stacks, encoding them all into a PAM signal. If fully embraced, we may soon see a single-board computer, monitor & control surfaces all connected via Cat5e/6 cables & powered by a single PoE wall wort.
A single-board computer sporting HDBaseT should ideally support daisy-chaining via two RJ45 jacks. This project, however, will only require one 'output' RJ45 connector compatible with OTS HTBaseT receivers.
This adapter will leverage hardware used on the C.H.I.P. HDMI Adapter.

CH7035B Brief datasheet Rev1.13.pdf

"The video format conversion module is capable of translating digital RGB-565, RGB-666, RGB-888 or YCrCb (ITU-R 656, ITU-R 601) signal to the DVI signal, combining with the audio stream."

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