Precision linear motor with diy photo encoder

The objective of the project is to create a precision linear motor by using an diy optical encoder similar to those used in printers.

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This project is inspired by "Accuracy of a print head sensor in a DIY linear drive" experiment video of HomoFaciens from youtube.

The point is to find out how precise a cheap, fully diy linear motor can be.

The test platform, presented on the second picture, is based on:
* arduino mega,
* h bridge driver
* simple DC motor with an 8 mm threaded rod attached
* a movable platform mounted on two drawer slides coupled to the thread with a nut

The encoder will be constructed using a transparent foil with a pattern printed at home laser printer. Active elements are going to be IR LEDs.


A test pattern used to find out thin pattern your printer is able to produce. Each line contains a set of white and black bars of width in pixels specified by the number on the left. Print without borders with 600dpi resolution.

x-xcf - 2.42 MB - 07/30/2016 at 12:15


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