Little Upgrades

A project log for The Ultimate 3D Printer

Here I update you how I am upgrading and making my Printrbot Simple Metal better and easier to use

Shivam MehtaShivam Mehta 07/31/2016 at 02:460 Comments

Printing Little things for your printer from the start can change your whole experience in how you use your printer every day.


If your someone like me who is constantly changing filament and this is NEEDED for your printer. They are many designs that solve this problem but this one in particular is the most elegant and I am also able to cool my extruder without anything being in the way.


Printrbot Fan Duct

Just like the last one, there are many fan ducts out there and one is probably the best one out there. It flows the air around the extruder so it can cool the print opposite to the fan.


Chain Link

This upgrade is not the most necessary but is a good idea. This upgrade it to avoid the wire harness from touching the heated bed and any strain the wires are having.


With all these upgrades, your experience with printer will be a lot easier and you will for sure have better print results.