UkiBoard: A keyboard for the age of glass

A small USB keyboard I designed for use with touchscreen-only portables.

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The idea came to me when I got my hands on a 7" wintel tablet, something I'd been dreaming of for years (Not quite the Vaio P or Fujitsu F-07c size I'd been hoping for), but couldn't find a nice small keyboard for it. So, without the knowledge that there's actually a massive community of people making custom keyboards, I set off to do it from scratch.
Nowadays we have 5" wintel tablets (what I'd really always been hoping for) and things like the GPD Win, (a nice successor to the Vaio P), so the tiny x86 market's really hit my personal perfect size, but for every smaller x86 device that gets made I get more and more comfortable with free open source software, so at this point I could basically live off a portable Pi, bleh.
Even then I'm still not happy with the available mini keyboards around. I'm actually getting back into this project for the sake of a portable Pi, plus it's a nice size for wearables (something I'm starting

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