As part of this project i am going to develop few things that would revolutionize the way prototypes are built and productized. (ha-ha-ha - sounds big :) )

1. Base Board

A Through-Hole ONLY board with connectors for I2C, 5V, 3.3V, Serial and other connectors set in a way that some of the most common sensors one uses to jump into the IOT world can be easily soldered.

I will post photos in the coming days of it

2. 3D Models for the different sensors

Each sensor is different and while they can be clustered in few common boxes - why should everybody loose his time in destining a model if i can do it once and then you could print it on your printer. Here are some examples:

PIR Sensor, OLED 128x64 display and the vESPrino.

I've already spent few hours just to make those prototypes and i believe few more will need to be spent to make them nicely play together with the board and the sensors.

3. Supported Sensors

For now i plan to focus on the sensors that i provide along with the Crowdfunding campaing for the vESPrino, but then i believe this can be easily extend also for other sensors, displays and actuators

Next Steps

In the next days i will publish more information as it becomes available. I hope to get few hours time soon to design the base board, as it is the most important part