​ 2016-07-19 RC update

A project log for Remote controlled LEGO DUPLO locomotive

Modifying a LEGO DUPLO locomotive to be able to go forward as well as backward, have some lighting, and be remotely controlled.

simon-fojtuSimon Fojtu 08/01/2016 at 19:200 Comments

Since I've got mainly evenings for this project, I've decided to send the receiver PCB to fab (oshpark), expected arrival well before deadline at 28. 8.

The radio modules arrived. While testing the motor driver and radio receiver, it is obvious that the motor severely interferes with the simple communication at 433MHz. I've kind of expected that and thought it could be solved in software by using some encoding, but without an oscilloscope it would be hard to make it robust. Thus I've ordered some IR receivers, which should not be bothered by any EM interference. The main goal is to make the locomotive go forward and backward, remote control is a bonus to implement if there is time.