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3D simulation and control software for robots

dan-royerDan Royer 01/11/2024 at 16:500 Comments


I was suffering writer's block and so about a month ago I restarted from scratch and it has been SO GOOD.  The system looks and runs better than ever before, there are more robots than ever before, and I am over the moon delighted at how much better things are flowing.

First off, the new system has dockable tabs, so rearrange to your heart's content.

Second, the graphics have finally left the fixed-function pipeline behind and now use shaders.  Note the cast shadows.  Chef's kiss gorgeous!

Third, there are more robots in the system than ever before.  If you have a robot that CAN'T be simulated... challenge accepted!(back: Sixi3, Ben, K1, AR4, Mantis, Arctos, Meca500, PAROL6.  front: crab, dog, and stewart examples)

4th, this guy right here:

Straight to the API documentation.  Nice!

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Spread the word!  Tell your friends, tell your teachers, tell your club.  

Make a Youtube video and give it a review.  

Get the team to add your product line of robots, tools, and jigs.  I'm Talking KUKA, Kawasaki, FANUC, and all the rest.

Got a big juicy brain full of ideas?  How about adding some OpenCV, ODE4J physics, or AI?  We welcome pull requests.

Artists!  These meshes could use some love in Blender.  A little cleaning, a little trim, some color... Make them look as good as they run.