VoCore + WeMo ebb N flow hack

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onerealfunnyguyonerealfunnyguy 08/22/2016 at 00:540 Comments

WeMo Insight Switch

Cost: $49.99 (

VoCore: $39.99

Control: WeMo App

My goal turn the WeMo on for 10mins

to drains the tables into the pond.

Then turn it off for 20mins to ebb the deep water beds.

Repeat 24hrs per day.

WeMo required start on the hr then auto-shut off.

24 hrs - 24 Timers in the Wemo App.

Not going to work.


1. Join VoCore to My WiFi Network

2. Connect via ssh

3. Install python on VoCore (OpenWRT)

4. Download WeMo python app

5. Setup bash script to turn on the flow

& hold the ebb (Outputs to a txt log)

6. Test

7. Deploy