Quantity   Component name
7 × 33 ohm 1/8W resistors, for example DigiKey.com part CF18JT33R0CT-ND
3 × 24 gauge solid wire, 25 mm. I find the floors of comms closets are a good source!
1 × 40mm piece of small diameter insulated wire, 30 gauge wire wrap wire is perfect.
1 × ESP-12F module, for example Banggood.com part 1007260
1 × Block of urethane or similar foam, at least 25mm thick and at least 50mm square.
1 × Hot glue gun, Blue Tack, or clay. Chewing gum might also work!
1 × Flush wire cutter or even a fingernail clipper.
1 × Tool or some way to strip the insulated wire.
1 × Soldering stuff.
1 × Circuit board from OSH Park, one order will get you three boards. https://oshpark.com/shared_projects/xtETVaDP