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joshua-conwayJoshua Conway 08/23/2016 at 00:310 Comments

I just came across a few tools that may, with sufficient modification, allow full control via your Android/iDevice. This is still very much a work in progress, but this would allow full control from an "app" from your phone. These instructions are going to be for Android, because I'm a poor hacker.

1. Install Orbot. (Tor client for android). Also install NR Inject.

2. In Orbot, do Settings> Select Apps> and find NR Inject. Then close.

3. Install in Node-Red the module "node-red-contrib-nr-injector"

4. You'll see the new node in Node-Red in blue called "NR Injector". This is now an input that can toggle things on, off, and such... I'm playing around with it as well to figure out how to shim it in correctly. But for test, hook it up to a debug.

5. In NR Injector app on Android, type in your Tor address...... which doesnt seem to work. Submitting patch to remove