A project log for Chest Arc Reactor

When you have a 3D printer and a little brother that love Iron Man, there's only one thing to do.

Victor FrostVictor Frost 06/03/2014 at 04:590 Comments

The LEDs arrived and I was very confused. For whatever reason, they refused to work in series, so I had to wire them in parallel. Of course, now I had the problem of keeping them from shorting out against those wonderful copper coils. So, I took the original arc reactor model, and cut off every from 1mm up and everything in the center. This created a nice shielding plate which would cover the coils while still allowing the LED leads to pass through. Then I added a 1mm tall rail to the top of it for partitioning the positive from the negative. All this being done, I soldered the LEDs into pairs and used solid core wire to join the pairs together into a single loop, then connected it to the center.

Looks damn nice too, I should say.

But, this is for my little brother to wear, so we can't have all that wiring showing. Again, using the original arc reactor model, I created a clip-on backplate for it and ran the leads from the LED bank out the back, foam taped a battery to it, and soldered on a 9v battery clip. Now, I'm going to turn it over to my parents to find a strap for it to strap to his chest. On my end, it's complete!