• First GUI Release

    Jason Jones06/13/2017 at 11:44 0 comments

    Re-organized the GUI into a Python module and used PyInstaller to create a windows executable. Would like to get that to work in Linux as well, but having a bit of trouble.

    Check out the github repository and don't forget to check out the releases as well!

  • v1.2 Boards assembled, demo video in XY mode

    Jason Jones08/13/2016 at 15:41 0 comments

    The v1.2 boards are assembled and functional!

    I took a bit to make a quick video of the curve-tracer in XY mode on an oscilloscope. I will do the same on the PC at some point. Forgive the quality, I don't have a studio and I'm certainly no producer, but I think that the idea is pretty clear.

    If you would like to request a particular video, drop me a line here or at for(embed).

  • Boards received, v1.2, need to assemble

    Jason Jones08/08/2016 at 23:24 0 comments

    Received v1.2 boards about a week ago. Will post photos when I get them built up and tested. I think that this one is worth a video as well.