08/12/2016 - 2nd Prototype

A project log for Automatized Hydroponic Vertical Crop

Ideally, Stablishing an underground crop based on hydroponic technology and controlled through genuino to sustain a plant storage.

Roberto Vicente RomeroRoberto Vicente Romero 08/12/2016 at 19:090 Comments

We bought a PVC tube of 75mm-diameter to test the material in which we'll build the ultimate structure. We drilled some holes of the size of cups and we put in some cuttings we had prepared before, with roots already grown. We bought a light and a timer to simulate daylight.

We built the second prototype to create a water sheet at the bottom of the tube (horizontally speaking). We left no slope this time. Apparently, It had a leak, which we fixed, probably. In any case, we'll see tomorrow the consequences.

We'll keep you updated! ;)

Second Prototype