The End of the Beginning...

A project log for Automatized Hydroponic Vertical Crop

Ideally, Stablishing an underground crop based on hydroponic technology and controlled through genuino to sustain a plant storage.

Roberto Vicente RomeroRoberto Vicente Romero 08/22/2016 at 18:120 Comments

The time limit for the Hackaday price is over. We accomplished most of the planned things.

And yet, we want to do more.

Our team members are specialized each one in parts of the projects. As a consequence, we want to teach us all every aspect of it, so any of us could do it entirely.

Also, we project to expand our work to every layer of the prototype, so we could have more precise masures.

We aim to fill the water tank everytime it has to work and mix it with the nutrient solution. The pump'd throw the water into the system and then it would throw away the collected water. So every time the pump works it'll send new fresh water.

We envisage to control the water level of each section and create a controlled fence which could open itself and fill with mixed water the level below. HGC'd manage it.

We aspire to grow comfortably many Stevia plants in our next future lab experiments.

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