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    Step 1

    Background Info

    IFTTT stands for "if this, then that", which is a web service that allows users to create custom tasks or "recipes" (e.g. if I receive a new email on my gmail account, then forward it to another account). The conditional statement could be as simple as if a button is pressed, or as complex as you want. There is also "DO button" app in APPstore or Google Play store, which allows the recipe to be triggered by pressing a button on the app.

    When an event is triggered, a request is sent to the Onion Cloud via the Maker Channel. The Onion Cloud will then send a command to your local Omega to execute a ubus function.

    The recipes are created through "channels", such as Gmail. We are in the

    process of creating an Onion channel, but in the meantime, we can

    still use IFTTT through the DIY "Maker" Channel.

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    Step 2

    Setting Up The Omega With The Cloud

    If you haven't already, you will need to create an Onion Account on the Onion Website. If you are completely new to the Onion Cloud, click the button on the bottom left to take a tour of the Cloud. Use the Device Manager to register your Omega with the Cloud. Again, use the tour button if you're unsure how anything works!

    Now that you have a Cloud connected Omega, make a note of it's Device ID since we will be using it later. Next we will need to get an API Key.
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    Step 3

    Get Your API Key

    API Keys are authentication credentials that are tied to your account and allow other programs to use the Onion Cloud APIs. Click on the Key Manager App on the Cloud to create a API Key to use with IFTTT. Make note of the Key since we will be using it later.