Tracker server software configuration

A project log for Off-grid GPS (race) tracker client and server

GPS tracker map server and client for use in remote locations with no internet coverage or mains power.

stevesteve 08/22/2016 at 16:360 Comments

Server software: open source GPS tracking server

running modified 'traccar-web' UI to allow auto-login as guest on mobile devices:

hostapd on Pi sets up the Wifi hotspot

dnsmasq on Raspberry pi acts as DNS and DHCP server for connected clients.

dnsmasq also catches all HTTP requests and redirects to localhost - end users just connect to the hostpot then browse to any (non-https) web address - good for catchy marketing! (e.g. or any URL would work when connected to the Pi AP)

Apache2 on Pi gives some flexibility in redirecting http requests to localhost to our auto-logon guest URL

The off-the-shelf tracking portal can accept our offline tilestache maps quite easily (need to define the custom map source in the Config section AND configure the user accounts to use the custom map source), but the traccar-web mod required some butchering. See here for rough instructions (basically overwrite any reference to servers with your Pi tilestache server - editing the traccar.war file in ubuntu File Roller (archive manager) works quite well)

Offline openstreetmap tiles are created with software and saved to the Pi

OSM tiles are served to Traccar

Python code receives position and battery reports via the LoRa radio (For the HopeRf RFM98 lora module you have to adapt the DIO and SPI port definitions - instructions here:

, and reports to traccar software via OSMAND HTTP protocol (all done on loopback interface)