Repair 2: The ferrite bead that kept me from charging.

A project log for Repairing an Anker E5 16000mAh Powerbank

How to replace the USB connectors and/or ferrite bead on your Anker pack.

ClimbinElectronicsClimbinElectronics 05/28/2017 at 09:100 Comments

For replacing the USB connectors, see the build instructions. Here just a small update. My powerbank refused to charge and kept blinking its LEDS to indicate start of charging. Time to open it up!

1. The opened power bank

It was quite a search to look for the culprit, but in the end it was the ferrite bead. It looked fine but it was broken anyway. Which is quite logical, as the board flexes a bit at that point right next to the micro usb charing port. Anker should have placed the ferrite bead at a 90 degree angle to the usb ports.

2. The culprit ferrite bead

Anyway I replaced the bugger with the one stated in the component list and everything worked again. 2-0 on the repairs on my trusty powerbank. Keep repairing guys.