Motion & Humidity Temperature Sensor

A project log for Aman :The low cost wireless stress monitoring sock

Quantify stress comfortably by measuring Electrodermal Activity(EDA) and Heart Rate along with contextual info like Humidity,Temp & Motion

Naveen SridharanNaveen Sridharan 09/28/2016 at 12:000 Comments

Motion data is vital to give context and add tags while cataloguing&labeling the data,
The motion coefficient is measured using an ADXL345 I2C accelerometer sensor.

Dynamic motion is captured in a pedometer like function, Data is logged when there is sudden movement over a given period of time. This helps make it possible to catalog physical activity. Accelerometers are surprisingly accurate and inexpensive providing valuble insight in the user's life.

Fabric based gait sensor would also be used to monitor the user's gait and posture.
We'll be using pressure based fabric sensors below the surface of sock to monitor foot pressure.

(Plusea has some great documentation)

We measure Humidity and Temperature using the HTU21d sensor which is clipped to the shoe to measure the environmental parameters. Maybe make a shirt clip addon BLE version for measuring the environmental parameters.