Prototype 1.0 Finished

A project log for Aman :The low cost wireless stress monitoring sock

Quantify stress comfortably by measuring Electrodermal Activity(EDA) and Heart Rate along with contextual info like Humidity,Temp & Motion

Naveen SridharanNaveen Sridharan 10/03/2016 at 12:290 Comments

Hi guys,
I finally got the first prototype up and running, The socks now can accurately measure my electrodermal activity and share it to thingspeak along with my heart rate & environmental temperature and humidity.

I will be adding the ADXL345 code along with some gait sensing soon enough.

I got these fancy leather wrap done to cover the electronics neatly and allow it to be detached easily when washing the rest of the sock. The prototype was a tad bit bigger than what I had in mind but the next revision would be way smaller in size by using the particle P1 SOC module.

Here is the image of the sock without the electronics attached.

Neat eh?

Now here it is, when electronics are attached

Next up we'll look at some data streamed to thingspeak.
This was the data I acquired for a short while, More data on the way.