Hello everyone!

So I got back into doing some hardware design again recently.. and decided on doing a new FPGA development board. I was somewhat inspired by a product that had appeared in the marketplace around the same time as my previous Uno board. That board was the raspberry pi zero!

From there on, I decided I wanted to do an all-FPGA variant that was compatible to the pi in terms of GPIO but with 'a few extras here and there'. I then saw Lattice Semiconductor's newest ECP5 series FPGA (and far more capable than the MachXO2) became available recently, so I thought what the hey and had a crack at it! :)

Long story short: I created two new FPGA prototype boards using the capable ECP5 FPGA, which I've called the "Ohm" and "Ohm+". Kindly check out the following video of my ohm board in action:

Image (as of 25/07/2017) of the new, redesigned 'Ohm' prototype:

Final prototype specs as of 25/07/2017: 

- ECP5 FPGA 12/24K LUT 56/112KB BRAM.

- 32/64MB SDRAM (or 128/256MB DDR RAM Ohm+).

- micro-SD card slot.

- Two micro USB (with alternate PS/2 functionality) host ports.

- Digital video output

- 29 User GPIO, including:

- On-board JTAG interface via USB slave serial AND provision for an external JTAG debugging pod are included.

Current Project Status 30/8/2017): Prototype testing complete. Currently sorting out production related issues.

Cheers, Valentin.

EDIT 25/7/2017: - Ohm specifications and status summary updated.