Pre-production Part 3:

A project log for 'Flea Ohm' FPGA Project

My attempt at making an FPGA experimenters board in a popular form factor :)

Valentin AngelovskiValentin Angelovski 06/05/2017 at 04:242 Comments

Hello again! :)

While I eagerly await on (what I hope to be) the final revision of my Ohm board, thought I'd drop one more update here..

1.) OV7670 module testing went well :)

2.) Fixed a few more minor errors with the PCB, as well as tweaked the following specs:

3.) Started work on my very first (and relatively simple) 'hat' for the Ohm board - a 'retro ports breakout' hat containing:

Looking forward to seeing the final boards when they arrive (hopefully) by next week's end (I hope I've covered everything..) More to follow!

**** EDIT 09/06/2017: For reasons mainly relating to time, I have decided to use the ESP-12E module (ie. ESP8266) for Revision 'A' the retro breakout hat (and possibly move to ESP32 for later versions when I am in a better position to support it). I have the following interfaces wired up from the ESP to the FPGA:

  1. SDIO and UART interface pins wired up.
  2. Control signals required for ESP module control and/or firmware update (ie. RST, EN, GPIO0, GPIO15, etc.) are upported.

Both expansion hats and pre-production Ohm boards are almost ready to be shipped back to me. Next week will be an eventful one.. ;-) ****

    Discussions wrote 06/09/2017 at 08:59 point

    Nice progress Valentin ! 

    Regarding the ESP32 , do you think it is possible to connect the ESP32 via SPI to the FPGA? Latest ESP32 IDF has provision for HW SPI Slave/Master on the ESP32 :) I have written an AmigaOS 3.x Ethernet(Wifi) Driver which is currently using an ESP8266 as MAC over SPI. Should be portable to ESP32 and minimig 

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    Valentin Angelovski wrote 06/09/2017 at 10:11 point

    Hello Claude!

    Yes, I've all six pins (for 4-bit SDIO, not just SPI) wired to the FPGA from the ESP-12E module (not ESP32 - see my edited latest project log). I'd imagine that makes your driver all easier to port ;-) Valentin.

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