Summer has come in the way

A project log for Tilt Touch Time

A tilt and touch activated wristwatch using a "retro" style bubble 7 segment display.

SkoogSkoog 08/17/2014 at 21:010 Comments

The project has been on hold for the last couple off week because off: Summer. The weather has been to good to bee sitting inside hacking on the project. But with the dead line coming up I better get started again.

I have soldered together the prototype PCB and gotten the display and tilt sensor working with out any problems, the touch sensor is still acting up and needs some more TLC before it is ready for prime time. I also realized that syncing the time to the PC with help of the touch sensor probably isn’t a good idea, so I will be changing over to an optical system. I have one GPIO left on the avr where I will add a photodiode/transistor. The photodiode will be held against the computer screen where a Python script will send the current time by flashing the screen. This way of communication also has the advantage of also working with smartphones and tables.