Board for abandoned first disign arrived

A project log for Water Temperature Arduino GPRS

Messuring water temperature with ds18b20. Sending it all to thingspeak.

Marin B.Marin B. 08/24/2016 at 09:240 Comments

Remeber that first project log. Well the board i made for that prototype arived and i assembled it.

Soldered the arduino mini pro 3.3v as close as i can to the board. Did the same for all other components.

R1 is ment to be used as the 4.7K Resistor for the DS18B sensor between vcc and data. Other resistors are soposed to be a voltage devider but i dont need it since i can get the voltage in mV with AT+CBC from the gsm module.

Chepo ebay TP4056 charge module. I made the board for the one that has battery protection but this one fits to as the other one did not arrive yet.

Remove this resistor to enable software powering on and off for the gsm module.


Thats it for now. Will try it out. The SIM800l module may be better in a way of power usage.