Building the base

A project log for Tabbot

Wheeled robot with a tablet on top.

Irene SanzIrene Sanz 08/11/2016 at 16:060 Comments

So... more news on Tabbot! I've been printing the different pieces and adjusting some tolerances on the way. This picture gives you some idea of more or less how it should look. The tube is not cut to the right distance and some of the base pieces are just the first layers of a print that went wrong, but you can start seeing its future form! :)

And also, the methacrylate base is finally here! Let's start putting it all together!

In this picture you can see the battery holder + charger supports already on the methacrylate base. On the background, the different covers of the base are already printed as well. It is taking shape!

Everything is fitting perfectly, except for the motor. I didn't take into account a little bump it has on the bottom and had to manually cut a pocket in each side of the base:

Nevertheless, apart from that little drawback, now its ready to start moving!