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    Step 1

    Last Christmas, my sister received a set of Samsung Level U wireless headphones.

    She didn't like them, and so she gave them to me. I liked the convenience of the wireless headphones, but didn't like the earbuds that came with them. Just swapping out the earbuds would have been to easy, so I decided to replace them with a headphone jack.

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    Step 2

    My first problem was trying to get the set apart. (If any Samsung engineers are reading this, next time please use more screws and less glue.) I was able to remove one of the side stems by sliding a razor blade under the rubber and carefully prying the rubber off the mount. With the side stem removed, I was able to pry the rest of the set apart.

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    Step 3

    Here is what I found inside.

    For the sharp of eye, yes I did accidentally disconnect the right headphone wire when I was prying open the case.

    I think that this strip of wire is the antenna for the Bluetooth module. it contacts the spring on the left hand board.