The UI is working!

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A user-friendly and customizable intranet of things framework that makes home automation a breeze. Automate your home with no code!

Aaron CofieldAaron Cofield 08/21/2016 at 02:330 Comments

We have a rudimentary version of the user interface working! This video demonstrates its functionality.

So in this video, I set up an automated system to blink a LED when motion is detected. First, the pins on the Arduino are defined. We tell the software that a LED is on pin 13 and a motion sensor is on pin 4. Then we define an action as blinking the LED that we previously configured. Lastly, in the triggers menu, we tell the software that when motion is detected (motion = 1) , run the Blink LED action.

This software, of course, is designed to be used by something far more complex, but for all intents and purposes, this setup demonstrates how the system will be configured.

Also, in upcoming versions, you will be able to have more than one action linked to each trigger and more than one trigger linked to each action. Allowing you to create highly complex systems without any code.

A reminder: Serenity does not require you to use an Arduino with it. The goal of Serenity is to make home automation easily configurable. So, while it does create a very easy and efficient way to set up an Arduino-based system, it is also designed to monitor and control wifi and Bluetooth-connected smart devices in your home. Like light switches, outlets, or locks,