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Aaron CofieldAaron Cofield 08/22/2016 at 06:340 Comments

Hello All,

We've made some progress since the last post and we also created a short video demonstrating an application of Serenity using a tiny farm. Check it out -

This video shows just one of infinitely many applications of Serenity. Howerer, it is still in development and there are a lot of features that still need to be implemented.

Heres a list of a few features we have in mind:

-Wireless Serial Ports using Bluetooth HC-06 Module

-Wireless Serial Ports using Wifi ESP8266 Module

-Multiple Arduino Board Support on one computer

-Multiple Triggers for one action (two conditionals to run an action)

-Multiple Actions for one trigger (one conditional to run multiple actions)

-Rest API to retrieve sensor Data

-SmartPhone app to configure and monitor setup

-Data Logging

-Configurable Display w/ charts and gauges

-Live data comparisons monitoring

-Modernize the User Interface

-Voice Control