I gess I will be changing things around once I figure out how this hackaday project listing is set up.

Please be bear with me. But its a start.

1st - Thing I needed to do was put it together. Quit a challenge. No 3d Printer experience.

2nd - Getting the filament to stick to the bed was not fun. I only had ABS to start with.
I fought and watched videos and finely I got the filament to stick to the bed. I ended up using a mirror on the bed and Acetone and a scrap print to rub onto the bed when it was cooled down. Works great.

3rd - We needed to see the print with out having to stand over the printer and watch. So I added a usb snake camera to the printer and it goes to my computer. it will end up going to a Raspberry PI but for now I can watch it and it is being feed onto our network. Not happy with the network server when I am I will post.

4th Housing hoping to start that today ( wed 10 Aug ).