Neopixel Wifi Clock

Never Set the Time!

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Its a pretty simple project. We use an ESP8266 to fetch time from an NTP server, and two Neopixel Rings ( 12 LED and 24 LEDs) To show minutes and hours.

Feature List
1) Shows AM and PM by Color of LED's on 3,6,9,12 positions ( AM is yellow because the Sun is yellow, PM is white because the Moon is white)
2) Hours is green in color, Minutes is Blue.
3) Exposes Webpage and AP for configuration of Wifi credentials, timezone setup.

- Allow turning off the clock from webpage( ESP remains on, Neopixels are turned off)
- Color choice from webpage for Hours and Minutes
- Better Case
- A Stand

We purchased a couple of WS2812B Led Rings and thought this was a cool project to make.

Initial development in the project was done using nodemcucu dev board.

The device hosts an esp-01 inside it, because only a single I/O is required.

It took a couple of prints to get the fitting snug and well placed, to get all the wires and parts inside fit snug, without much shaking.

  • 1 × ESP8266-01 Wifi Module
  • 1 × LM1117-3.3 Power Management ICs / Linear Voltage Regulators and LDOs
  • 1 × Neopixel Ring- 12 LEDs
  • 1 × Neopixel Ring- 24 LEDs
  • 1 × TPA4056 Li-ion Battery Charger Module

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    Step 1

    Get the parts first.

    Print out the CAD models, the base and the top clock face. We used white ABS since it has excellent colour translucency.

    The LED rings were fitted first, then the pixels at 12 position were aligned. Hot glue was used to hold it in place.

    After testing with a nodemcu board, the code was programmed onto an esp-01, it's pins were wired as the follows

    1) Gpio0, Vcc, ch_pd, rst were connected to 3.3v

    2) Gpio2 was connected to the data-in pin of the led ring with 24 leds. The data-out of this 24 led ring was connected to the data-in of the 12 led ring.

    3) Gnd was connected to gnd.

    4) The terminals of the battery were connected to the charger module, and also to the lm1117-3.3 regulator.

    5) Vcc for the led rings and esp-01 were connected to output of the lm1117-3.3 regulator.

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Where are the files for 3D printing?

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