Is it clicky enough?

A project log for Box of Clicky Light Awesomeness

A quest for the perfect clicky, glowy toy

Jeremy GilbertJeremy Gilbert 08/22/2016 at 12:440 Comments

My question of the day: Is the box of clicky aweseomeness really clicky enough?

At the last Cambridge Hackspace meetup, everyone seemed to love playing with it, pounding out little tunes on the "piano". So by my standard measure of project success, this seemed to be a good sign.

But I am still troubled because even though my device has an LRA hepatic actuator and a great little speaker, it doesn't formally have a "click." So now I'm pondering the addition of "gratuitous relays."

What is a "gratuitous relay" you ask? It is a relay that has been added in the project purely for the haptic joy of the click. In several other projects, I have added such a relay and learned that they add considerably joy to a project. In fact, I think the bank of four clicky relays to my Nixie clock actually triples the satisfaction of "winding up" the clock.

But how to do it in such a small form factor project? I've been looking at things like these little buggers. Stay tuned.