Home Theater Speaker Rotator

Correcting Home Theater Sound Imaging when Sitting in Different Directions on an L-Shaped Couch

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Problem: My television and projector screen are 90 degrees rotated from each other. This causes sound imaging issues when sitting in the projector reference direction.

Solution: Create a simple black-box to rotate the speakers between each viewing angle.

Data Points: Luckily, my home theater amplifier has a common ground so all references can remain static and un-switched. Tested by fluke and repair manual. I have only one center channel, so it will not be rotated, only switched on/off. All 4 remaining speakers are the same part, so they have the same impedance, capabilities, etc.

Details: Given the above constraints, I selected a simple 4PDT switch with plenty of room for voltage and amperage consideration. Surprisingly, Digikey lost in favor of Amazon for parts selection. Testing the switch for insulation between poles, I verified it will not produce cross-talk. I selected a black box and added input and output speaker wire ports. SPDT switch for the center channel.

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    Step 1

    Enclosure with switches and wire ports

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    Step 2

    Legend for connecting to amplifier and speakers

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    Step 3

    Installed in rack

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