A project log for A DIY Keyboard

Here is a real DIY Keyboard - No microprocessors here!

agp.cooperagp.cooper 08/25/2016 at 07:560 Comments


I had a PCB for one of these old time microprocessors manufactured.

They have arrived, three weeks from China - not bad).

But I am caught out in that I have done nothing on the software side, have no keyboard or display!


Originally I was going to use BASIC and my keyboard and some sort of video display. But porting this (my IO and memory map are non-standard) will take time. On the 6502 site ( are some simple monitors. VTL02 (VTL-2 for the 6502) by Mike Barry looks like a good starter. Particularly as the header contains the keyboard IO equates etc that I will need.

I don't have all the components (74LS132 are a bit hard to find) so I did a mail-order. That will buy me two weeks.

I will have to patch something up for keyboard and a display to get going as well.