• Getting Up and Running

    0xD15EA5E08/16/2016 at 18:21 0 comments

    I have managed to find 4 spare GPIO's on the tl wr703 and have gotten the robot built up with these i do still have access to the 2 GPIO's for the serial port however i am doing what i can to leave these alone just in case i brick the little router its nice to have easy access to a terminal, ive built up a simple web interface to turn all of the GPIO pins on and off these are all controlled through cgi scripts stored on the web server i pull these into an iframe on the main control page to keep it responsive.

    Next i will be building a better interface for the control of the vehicle and getting some new batteries so that the motors actually work properly there a bit gutless at the moment and the left wheel needs a little push to get it moving.