• Mostly populated

    jimmy10/24/2016 at 13:32 0 comments

    I've mostly populated the board and it works!

    • Ended up replacing the power supply diode with a wire since I was having trouble with it. Will just be careful.
    • Ended up leaving the reset button circuit unpopulated. Will just use the power switch.
    • Haven't populated the transistor for the focus button switch. Will do that so the program can wake the camera before firing the shutter release.

    I just need to design a case.

  • Tested on breadboard

    jimmy08/30/2016 at 12:20 0 comments

    I've wired everything up with my Atmega328P on a breadboard, including:

    • 9V power supply through regulator
    • connection to LED panel
    • shutter release trigger to 3.5mm jack
    • rotary encoder

    The encoder doesn't seem to work reliably, but I'm pretty sure it's a software problem. It's configured with INPUT_PULLUP in the code, and is connected to ground in the encoder itself, so it's probably not a voltage problem.

    One thing missing so far is an interface to analog input. I may just wire that directly later. Just want to keep it simple for now.

    I've put in an order to DirtyPCBs, but I named the files wrong in the ZIP. We'll see if that causes a problem.