• Tapering high ambitions and extending timeline..and goals?

    ump08/22/2016 at 20:36 0 comments

    Trying my best to be patient and think about the end-goals of the project, and the baby steps I will need to take to fully learn and feeling like I own the project.

    Thinking about the planning phase this is the simplified and n00b basics I wanted to get out of the brain and on paper.

    Materials (have/needed):

    1.) Aquarium Water Pump (seems strong enough)
    2.) Old Rainbird Solenoid controlled valves (I will attempt to use these, but I am curious if the flow of the pump will be enough for these devices. I am not sure if they require certain pressure or flow rate to function properly since these are used for proper irrigation systems connected to mains - If this doesn't work then I will need to purchase solenoids, or re-purpose/modify the Rainbirds) EDIT/NOTE* These are 24VAC so now reconsidering buying 12VDC Solenoid valves instead.
    3.) Arduino Mini/Teensy?
    4.) Wiring/cabling
    5.) Relay 120VAC rated for water pump


    1.) ***UPDATE: these are 24VAC solenoids. So now reconsidering getting small 12VDC Solenoids and a 12-VDC Wall Wart (can be salvaged somewhere...) for solenoid valves
    2.) Voltage Regulator for either 3.3V or 5V depending on which Arduino I use
    3.) (3) BJTs or MOSFETs - maybe (3) Diodes for flyback diode purposes (Need to investigate if I actually do need it for this situation

    Photographed below is also a simple logic flow of how the pump will distribute water to different zones. For the sake of simplicity, the piping will just go to buckets for now that I can hand carry to plants.

    End-Goals and Ideas:

    1.) Gather Metrics:
    How much water was generated today? Month? Year?
    What is the water level in the reservoir/collector?
    2.) Programmable Watering Times (GUI/Interactive)
    3.) More stuff that I cannot think about right now because information overload from other stuff.

  • Planning

    ump08/17/2016 at 01:34 0 comments

    Currently in the design phase. This project is meant to be quick and dirty, and not entirely complicated and use what is laying around the house as much as possible.

    Materials to be used:

    A bucket that can be found at home
    Microcontroller, probably an ATmega328p mini laying around
    Old aquarium pump
    Hollowed bamboo, or other pipe material