Decorative Lighting

A project log for A Home Automation System

I hacked my own LED lighting control system into a home automation system.

Dan JulioDan Julio 08/18/2016 at 04:530 Comments

The great thing about a log home is that the wood is very friendly to light. It is easy to make a warm and inviting atmosphere using lighting. I have been surrounded by artists my entire life and although I am no artist I have an appreciation for the importance of art in life. With lighting I have tried to add my small part. And, of course, it should all be part of the home automation system. This post just contains photos of the fun parts of the lighting system.

One of two glass block sets lit with a single 5050 RGB LED on a smart "pixel" controller board mounted in a milled plastic base.

"Light Bar" above a glass sculpture. Six dimmable 1-Watt HB LEDs on an aluminum bar suspended from the ceiling.

Deck Lighting with collected Mexican light fixtures full of LEDs controlled by a dimmer and strings of traditional incandescent lights controlled by a relay controller.

Collected Mexican Star lamps filled with dimmable LEDs.

Mexican Jellyfish lamp controlled by a relay controller.

Eight color wash fixtures lighting the curtains in our bedroom.