Remote rotary encoder (part 1, hardware)

A project log for EncoderLib

Micropython library to handle a rotary encoder

brambram 08/19/2016 at 19:240 Comments

For the remote rotary encoder I use a spare board that I designed for another project. The board has the size of a normal flash drive and on board are: a ESP8266-03, a 3.3v regulator and a capacitor. And there are a few connections broken out: 2x GPIO, UART, Bootloader button and a second pair of power connections.

This board is perfect for this project because every necessary connection is available. On board is a bootloader button but I connected another button to is so I could access it without opening the case. The rotary encoder used in this project is a simple breakout from china like this one and is easy to wire up. It has 5 pins:

  1. CLK --- Clock
  2. DT --- Data
  3. SW --- Switch (On my module I had to solder on a 10k resistor)
  4. VCC --- Power
  5. GND --- Ground