Now in 3d, the Return!

A project log for Science Tricorder by Olympus Heavy Industries

A multi-mode scanner and data logger based on Adafruit Feather & Arduino

QueadlunnQueadlunn 08/24/2019 at 05:140 Comments

Gotten a lot further along with the 3d shell, the primary parts are at least mostly done and I'm working on test-printing and fine-tuning stuff now.

The big things left are getting the interface panels for the body and door further along. The main body panel needs cutouts for the TFT and controls, the door panel needs holes for the capacitive wire.

The mainboard simply slides into the body and the body's under part (violet-colored in the 3d model image) fixes it in place. The desing's working pretty well so far but it does need a lot of tweaking for ease of use and ease of printing.

Uploaded the current rev of the models as

OHI Science Tricorder V6 Chassis - Rev5 NOT FINAL.7z.7z