Augmented Reality User Interface


In this Augmented Reality User Interface tutorial a simple UI was created using buttons. Different scenes were incorporated in one app. In each scene it is possible to load next or previous scene with different 3D Characters. In each scene characters can be manipulated differently by changing position, scale or rotating.

Download # Unity3D (download and install it, if you don't have it already) (*.exe file)

Unity3D is also available to download from here.

Download # Download and Import Unity3D Extension v5.0.5 (*.unitypackage file)

Unity3D extension is also available to download from here. There might be newer version.

Download # Print Euforia of Beauty Logo to Augment Different Scenes and Create the Tracker (*.jpg file)

Download # You Can Use Already Created Tracker Based on Euforia of Beauty Logo (*.unitypackage file)

Download # Script for Buttons to Change the Scale, Position and Rotation of 3D Characters (*.cs file)

Download # User Interface for Augmented Reality Tutorial Project Files (the result to test it) (*.rar file)