Cobweb IO

A Social Network for Internet of Things

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Cobweb is a social network designed for smart devices. Cobweb’s single platform will allow devices to communicate with each other, and with you, without having to maintain different applications. Not only that, it allows you to add friends, family members and subscribe to their devices as well, upon approval. This is what we call giving social life to things.

In simple terms, on Facebook you see the newsfeed of your friends’ activities; on Cobweb you will see the newsfeed of your things.

Cobweb Enterprise platform will help companies to connect their devices across many departments into a single platform, which they can add members and assign privileges. Also it will help companies to analyze data, predict outcomes and visualize data through Cobweb Data Analytics components.

Cobweb is designed to be used by general users, maker community, DIY artists, device manufacturers and companies who are the target market and will be rolled out to them.

Providing an IoT platform as a SaaS would be beneficial to a large audience, be it the corporate giants who require to keep track of the sales of their products around the globe, or the general user who requires to get an alert if an intruder attempts to enter his house while he’s on vacation. Therefore, rather than constraining to a specific problem, the focus of this project is to allow users to access this service via a web browser, thus allowing them to address numerous requirements of theirs as necessary.

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