The main development up to this point of the project is the design of a 3D print joint able to hold more than 150Nm of torque, with its sensors and motor included in the design.

 In future version when i will have a stable hardware the design for a high powered H bridge electronic control system will begin, the idea is to integrate a modular system able to recieve and transmit by CANBUS also it will have to be powered by a central power bus. With this system i think that it will have a minimum delay and a maximun way to modularize the system for futher research.

 Then once the two previous parts are developt i will design the walking algorimts based on the gait data aviable on internet, there are nomerous ways of implementing these algoritms, by using EKG, presure sensors, josticks, acelerometers , etc but this part its still in a far future to be concerned with it.