• We rollin'

    Hemal Chevli08/21/2016 at 10:10 0 comments

    Uploaded grbl, changed its setting, using the universal Gcode sender, we are in business.

    On software side its Inkscape > J tech Photonics Laser Extension> Universal G-code sender.

    Tested with cutting paper.

  • Falied PCB to rescue

    Hemal Chevli08/21/2016 at 09:54 0 comments

    When the first Raspberry Pi, it was very exciting time. So I designed a PCB for RPi with arduino connectors and power supply section. I ordered 10 on them. After soldering the headers and stuff I tried mounting on the Rpi. Turns out I got the profile of the PCB wrong around the video connector. Here is the failed pcb.

    The arduino headers were good. So I figured I'd use this as an Arduino shield and solder screw terminals on proto area.

  • Stripped

    Hemal Chevli08/21/2016 at 09:44 0 comments

    Removed all electronics from the machine except of the motors.