FLipMouse Upgrade - ESP32

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A low-cost mouse replacement for people with motor restriction. Operated either by the fingers or the lips.

benjaminaignerbenjaminaigner 02/28/2018 at 18:510 Comments

Dear followers, dear interested AT enthusiasts,

sorry for this long delay, we are not very good at doing social media ;-)

Anyway, we are working quite hard on our FLipMouse.

If we had a look at our current design, we saw it is already quite stuffed with all the functions we built in.

As we are hackers too, we were fascinated of the ESP32 right from the beginning.

So we proudly announce that we are doing in cooperation with a Viennese company a new PCB design based on ESP32.

It will be fully command compatible to existing v2.x devices and GUIs, but now we can do much more additional stuff:

-) WebGUI for configuration (of course only enabled by physical user input)

-) So much more space for configuration and IR commands

-) Learning mode

-) More advanced analog processing

-) Neopixel animations

If you want to check out the current status, have a look at the firmware repository:

The PCB is not finished, but of course it will be freely available

We will drop the concept of a complete construction kit with THT parts only, instead we will optimize the PCB for smaller and cheaper surface mounted devices.

In addition, it will be much cheaper to produce and pre-assemble this PCB.

But no worry, we always will have a PCB a hacker can assemble :-).

In addition our FABI device ( will be ESP32 based as well.

If you have any suggestions on the new PCB/firmware please drop a comment!

One last remark: Why did Espressif saved the USB interface on the ESP32 :-)?

Now we need to place an additional LPC11U14 chip on our board...

Anyway, have a nice day!