Bluetooth and USB-HID - control 2 devices

A project log for FLipMouse

A low-cost mouse replacement for people with motor restriction. Operated either by the fingers or the lips.

benjaminaignerbenjaminaigner 05/26/2017 at 14:260 Comments

Hi @all,

long time since our last post, but the development is going on!

Since we are deploying this device, a few additions were added.

The current firmware update provides new possibilities:

The mounting angle was interesting to implement, because some of our users were more comfortable with mounting the FLipMouse in a different angle (magic arm is e.g. mounted from the other side or top/bottom).

In addition, what might be more interesting is the fact, that it's now possible to select for each slot individually which interface should be used. So, on one hand you might control the mouse of your PC (USB-HID only), switch to another slot and control your smartphone (or any other Bluetooth keyboard/mouse capable device) via Bluetooth on the other hand.

If you select both, the mouse/keyboard commands are sent to both interfaces, so both is possible (nice, if Bluetooth is not connected).

So long, until the next update :-)