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A project log for 3LE - linear laser light engine

a flat, modular and scalable light engine concept for stereolithography and its applications

helgehelge 04/12/2018 at 23:430 Comments

Single lenses cannot produce a flat field image. ( see ) Since we're using aspheric singlets for scanning, we can cheat by re-focusing during the scanning motion to absorb this error.

This makes it possible to get a sufficiently balanced spot size across the whole scanning motion

This OSLO PSF simulation has been performed to illustrate the spot shape over lens displacement. As the object distance (LD-Lens) is around 4 mm and the image distance roughly 40mm +/-0.3mm equals a 6mm scan line length which means that with a 3.3mm diameter LD every 5mm, sub-25µm spot size is achievable. If one emitter fails, the stroke can be increased to +/-0.5mm, covering the now empty segment with the neighbouring scanlines.