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A project log for 3LE - linear laser light engine

a flat, modular and scalable light engine concept for stereolithography and its applications

helgehelge 03/26/2019 at 17:120 Comments

While most of my projects currently suffer from extreme dilution effects (priorities something something), the closed-loop installation of the lenses is more or less clarified and just needs to be put together and executed... but the hinge mechanism with the piezo bimorph element is somewhat undefined and not super satisfactory.

The current design assumes two light-weight u-shaped brackets with bushings and dynamic pre-tensioning. When using four piezo elements, possible movements are

* vertical movement (both pivot points moving up or down simultaneously)

* horizontal movement (both pivot points moving left or right simultaneously)

* tilt correction (pivot points moving in opposite vertical direction)

* pinching / preloading (pivot points moving towards one another)

While this is nice to implement automatic calibration that compensates for creep, sag and wear of the bushings, doing away with the intricacies of multiple bushings would have its charms.